Man Made Diamonds At Its Best

After so many years of ruling the diamond industry, the De Beers have finally found their one true match brought about an unprecedented scientific advancement in making diamonds. These lab grown or synthetic diamonds are absolutely stunning that it is seen to take over the monopoly of the De Beers.

What precisely are man made diamonds? Man-made diamonds are artificially created diamonds. These diamonds are created through a process called CVD or chemical vapor deposition. Essentially, the way this works is by letting the diamonds grow one at a time in the form of crystals. With the aid of high temperatures and high pressures, the diamonds are able to achieve the kind of quality that real diamonds possess. In just a 12 hour time span, the diamonds will be able to grow into one full carat. This is a remarkable breakthrough considering that engagement rings only bear a diamond that’s less than one carat.

The main reason as to why this kind of progress was achieved was because of the interest that the jewelry industry has shown over the Ersatz’ variant of the 45 carat Hope diamond. In addition to that, scientists all over the world were also able to come up with new uses for artificial diamonds.

With the use of chemical vapor deposition, scientists will be able to mass-produce diamond semiconductors, which have turned out to be more than one hundred percent more powerful than silicon semiconductors.

Due to its promising results, a lot of scientists have shown their interest in the new found industry. Researchers at the Apollo Diamond Inc. in Boston Massachusetts and Russell Hemley from the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington have so far created the largest and most unblemished lab grown diamonds.

In addition to that, the Carbon Power Electronics consortium of Europe, which is led by Element Six, has created an artificial diamond diode. An artificial diamond diode is the initial step that needs to be done in order to come up with diamond semiconductors.

It is expected that within a few years, diamonds will already be greatly cheaper than natural diamonds. On top of that, by 2011, scientists also expect diamonds semiconductors to be used in the market. Certainly, in the last 10 years, artificially made diamonds’ clarity and consistency have become exceptionally flawless that they have surpassed the standards of natural diamonds.

Likewise, the jewelry industry will also benefit greatly. The De Beers have become tremendously affected by these lab grown diamonds that they have engraved their logo on their diamonds to distinguish it from the artificial diamonds.