Simple Tips to Positive Plus Size Style

Full-figured women should often look to elongating and flattering the form. Longer lines and well-fitted clothes are important to a positive look in a plus size. Following these guidelines will aid to lengthen and accentuate one’s assets, while leaving one feeling light along with the trends of the season.

A Soft and flowing styles is a simple, versatile, and fresh component set that are all part of a great wardrobe. Utilizing the proper lines and flow of an article of clothing (or set of clothing) is important. It can be doubly so for plus size clothing as without proper flow an outfit may exacerbate unflattering lines.

Longer hemlines can do wonders for a shorter frame if one wishes to add height. You can also add height with a pair of fabulous slender boots or shoes.

Prints can also be utilized in plus size clothing with some caution. It is not necessarily the best option for petite, full-figures. But with some caution, a plus size clothing wearer can make print work for them. Certainly, if print is simply your style, then there is no reason to avoid it. However, in many cases texture is still a better option than print. If one decides to go for prints, choose a low/little contrast or even monochromatic options. For plus size clothing, the smaller the print the better. Be sure to only have one patterned piece per outfit.

White and bright colors often should be avoided. It is important to remember that white is not especially flattering for a full figure. It is often more fitting to utilize a cobalt blue or darker versions of the bright colors that are in this season. Putting bold colors on top paired with darker bottoms is a great way to draw the eye up and accentuate the face.

Statement accessories are another pitfall of the plus size clothing wearer. One must stay away from big jewelry because the contrast will only serve to make one look shorter and will add bulk to one’s frame. Stick with medium-size to small jewelry instead. Long, layered necklaces and pendants are the best option.

Accessorizing with color is often a great idea, but it is important that one only has one statement color piece per outfit; too much color will often add bulk to one’s frame, and of course, no plus size woman is looking for such accentuation. Belts and waistbands can be another great way to accessorize. When it comes to plus size clothing, stick to mid thickness belts that accentuate, but do not cinch the waist as it simply draws attention to the natural frame. Avoiding wider legs can also be a helpful tip. Bell-bottoms and flares will almost never do the trick that some believe they will. This season stick to straight legs that create longer lines and length. Avoid skinny jeans and tight fits in your plus size-clothing search.

Short Skirts

Short skirts, are what you might call a ‘clubbing uniform.’ This may seem strange in the cold season, but it’s quite the opposite. Even when winter is at its peak everyone is wearing short skirts. However, a miniskirt is more than a fashion statement-it’s a declaration of youth and independence.

In fact, the history of the miniscule garment is intriguing. Though we tend to associate sixties fashion with short skirts, the mini was not worn by many until 1966. The precursor of the mini dress was the straight shift, which developed from the 1957 sack dress, and was well below the knee. In 1966, couturier Mary Quant introduced the first short shift dress. Inspired by the Mini Cooper automobile, Quant was at the pinnacle of her fame when she created the micro-mini.

Owing to her position in the UK haute couture circuit, the miniskirt grew into a key international trend. However, there were conflicting opinions as to who was the original creator of the mini. Marit Allen, a Vogue ‘Young Ideas’ editor at the time, stated “John Bates, in particular, has always been completely unappreciated … he bared the midriff, used transparent vinyl and, was responsible for raising the hemline.” The ‘mini debate’ notwithstanding, French designer André Courrèges, who integrated it into his Mod look in 1965 further popularized short skirts. His minis were less clinging, and worn with white boots that became a trademark of sorts.

The miniskirt made frequent appearances over the decades; in the eighties it was part of the punk and power-suit movement. Even the most conservative designers raised hemlines drastically. Minis were not seasonal attire any longer; in winter they were worn over leotards. In fact, women wore minis with ruffled tops, sweaters, and even T-shirts- and looked good.

Over the next few years, skirts continued to dominate trousers, but softer and longer than the eighties version–gathered pleated (Chanel), hugging pencils (Alexander McQueen), or skirt suits–you name it; they were wearing it. And–this season it’s back in full force. The presence of short skirts in the collections of key couturiers appears to have sparked off yet another miniskirt resurgence. Chanel, Lacroix, Vuitton and others have all displayed their version of ultra-short skirts. In brief, it’s time to ride the short wave and get back in style once again.

Characteristics of a High-Quality Hermes Purse

Acquiring an authentic Hermes handbag or well-made replica can be a daunting task. With so many inferior knockoffs out there, it will require a little detective work and a bit of research. So much care goes into original bags, and many designers have factored in “signature” techniques so that you can spot the originals more easily.

Just like in designer clothing, details can make or break a handbag. Authenticity cards aren’t the only hallmark of designer handbags. Many come with booklets of information that cover everything from the company’s history to the little details that distinguish the handbag. Garnering some background information about your Hermes handbag is also a good idea. For example, most people don’t know that there is no such thing as a “vintage” Birkin, since the Birkin has only been on the market since 1984.

Nearly all Hermes purses on the market today are knock-offs. There are some key traits to look to make sure your Hermes handbag is authentic:

• A real Hermes handbag will have the Hermes emblem engraved on its hardware instead of embossed. Embossing raises the letters above the surface of the metal, whereas engraving sinks them below.

• Handles must be of equal length. It may seem like a trivial trait, but it’s actually a very important one.

• An original Hermes purse is stable enough to stand without support. The hardware on the bottom of the bags should be permanent and should not screw off.

• The stitching of a well-made Hermes handbag is consistent and always level or parallel. Another feature is that the stitching is diagonal, not horizontal, and is always of a uniform color throughout the entire bag.

• Hermes has an extremely high standard for leather. They only purchase the finest, and of that only 2% ultimately makes the cut. Their leather is of the highest possible grade; supple and beautifully natural, Hermes bags are never rigid or glossy.

• A designer’s name is their handshake, and therefore labeling is very important. An authentic Hermes product will never have spelling errors anywhere on the item. Any type of misspelling is a sure indicator that your purse is an inferior-quality fake. Counterfeit labels are very cheaply made, and often mass produced. Their stitching is cheap and the labeling process is often inconsistent. For example, where “Burberry of London” is the real designer name, you might see “Burberrys of London” on knock-off products. Fake purses will often pluralize a name, and may also hang labels somewhere on the purse rather than stitching them into the material.

• Every Hermes purse has a “signature” marking on the underside of the strap. This is a unique dating system that the fashion house uses to indicate the year the purse was made.

• Packaging should never be overlooked. A purse that costs thousands of dollars will not be wrapped in discount store tissue paper or mass-produced boxes. Be on the lookout for boxes that are too big or too small. Luxury items should be packaged in wrappings of the same caliber as the item. Additionally, designer handbags are not distributed in thin, flimsy dust bags. Hermes dust bags are made of very durable, thick, orange-colored cotton flannel. Vintage Hermes bags may come with a tan velour dust bag that has a different design. All Birkins come with the orange dust bag.

• Protecting the hardware of a Hermes handbag is as important as the packaging. Every item that is sold in their retail stores has a protective covering over the precious metal hardware. This covering is not made of plastic, nor is it sticky, and it is never removed until after the purchase has been completed.

Purchasing a luxury item requires much consideration. A bit of research could save you a great deal of money and heartache. If you can recognize authentic and well-made products and have an eye for excellence, your transaction will be just as authentic as your new Hermes handbag.

The leather jacket in popular culture

Leather jackets occupy a unique place in fashion history. They’re one of the few items of clothing that almost never go out of style, even though they do experience phases in their popularity.

This is partly because of the special place leather jackets occupy in popular culture, particularly in films. If you’re wondering how the leather jacket became so cool, here’s a quick introduction.

The history of the leather jacket

Leather jackets are commonly thought to have been popularised by the military and pilots in the early 20th century. Indeed, some of the most iconic images of leather jackets are from World War Two, when they were nicknamed “bomber jackets” since they were worn by fighter pilots. During the war, leather jackets were reinforced with thick insulation, to protect pilots from cold weather while flying. However, leather jackets were also said to be popular in Russia with the Bolsheviks, and the exact origins are often disputed.

The popularity of leather jackets in the immediate post-war period is often attributed to a combination of their wartime importance and their appearance on film. David Niven, for instance, glamorously sported a bomber jacket in the film A Matter of Life and Death (1946), in which he played a RAF pilot. Actor Jimmy Stewart – a real-life US bomb squadron leader during the war – also wore one in the 1957 film Night Passage, as did Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953).

But the most famous wearer of leather biker jackets in the 1950s was James Dean. His iconic turns in films like Rebel Without a Cause, coupled with his tragic death, only helped to boost the stylishness of the fashion item.

Leather jackets after the 1950s

Punk bands like the Ramones kept leather jackets fresh in the 1970s, as did films like Grease and the TV series Happy Days. And Tom Cruise’s fleece-collared leather jacket in Top Gun sparked a new trend in the 1980s. Leather jackets are still popular today, though they have largely lost the associations with the military. And since they are generally quite warm, leather jackets have become a practical choice as well as a stylish one with many people across the UK.

Traditionally, leather jackets are made from animal hide. Today, leather jackets may be made from this material, but are more likely to consist of an imitation material like PVC or polyurethane. As a result, they’re usually vegan friendly and often cheaper than those made from real animal hide.

Man Made Diamonds At Its Best

After so many years of ruling the diamond industry, the De Beers have finally found their one true match brought about an unprecedented scientific advancement in making diamonds. These lab grown or synthetic diamonds are absolutely stunning that it is seen to take over the monopoly of the De Beers.

What precisely are man made diamonds? Man-made diamonds are artificially created diamonds. These diamonds are created through a process called CVD or chemical vapor deposition. Essentially, the way this works is by letting the diamonds grow one at a time in the form of crystals. With the aid of high temperatures and high pressures, the diamonds are able to achieve the kind of quality that real diamonds possess. In just a 12 hour time span, the diamonds will be able to grow into one full carat. This is a remarkable breakthrough considering that engagement rings only bear a diamond that’s less than one carat.

The main reason as to why this kind of progress was achieved was because of the interest that the jewelry industry has shown over the Ersatz’ variant of the 45 carat Hope diamond. In addition to that, scientists all over the world were also able to come up with new uses for artificial diamonds.

With the use of chemical vapor deposition, scientists will be able to mass-produce diamond semiconductors, which have turned out to be more than one hundred percent more powerful than silicon semiconductors.

Due to its promising results, a lot of scientists have shown their interest in the new found industry. Researchers at the Apollo Diamond Inc. in Boston Massachusetts and Russell Hemley from the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington have so far created the largest and most unblemished lab grown diamonds.

In addition to that, the Carbon Power Electronics consortium of Europe, which is led by Element Six, has created an artificial diamond diode. An artificial diamond diode is the initial step that needs to be done in order to come up with diamond semiconductors.

It is expected that within a few years, diamonds will already be greatly cheaper than natural diamonds. On top of that, by 2011, scientists also expect diamonds semiconductors to be used in the market. Certainly, in the last 10 years, artificially made diamonds’ clarity and consistency have become exceptionally flawless that they have surpassed the standards of natural diamonds.

Likewise, the jewelry industry will also benefit greatly. The De Beers have become tremendously affected by these lab grown diamonds that they have engraved their logo on their diamonds to distinguish it from the artificial diamonds.

Where to buy big gold dookie rope chains

The big gold dookie rope chains, a must for any budding rap artist has made into the style statements of many people. Heavy gold rope chains coupled with some pendants (of words or perhaps a ‘gang’ symbol) truly makes for a stylish accessory. Gold rope chain isn’t just seen to hang around rappers neck; it’s lured the teens and youngsters so as to make itself a craze! On the streets, it’s not hard to spot someone turning around a gold rope chain around the neck. A Gold rope chain looks powerful and trendy. No wonder gold rope chains are adorned by wrestlers, boxers, dancers amongst others.

So you too want to get the rapper look. A fan of ‘Eminem’ can tell you a lot of the places where you can get your favorite gold rope chain. A Gold rope chain is a bit expensive, and the cost more or less depends on the standard of the gold used. A Metal rope chain can be a good replacement of a gold rope chain, but it surely can’t give you the sheen that a gold rope chain throws around. Gold rope chains can be found in many shops being sold along other accessories. Where to buy big gold dookie rope chains? One of the easiest ways to go around getting a gold rope chain is through websites that sell them. Umpteen websites come out selling gold dookie rope chains. One such website where you can find gold rope chains is One can search through the website to get the right gold rope chain for oneself. The reviews of each gold rope chain along with a view of it and price is displayed for the convenience of the buyer. Several designs have been tried out by jewelry designers on gold rope chains to make it savvier, classier and trendier than ever. Entangled strand like gold rope chain, thin set of wires forming a gold rope chain are just a couple of examples. Imprints on a gold rope chain are catching on with the masses too (Wouldn’t you like to personalize your gold rope chain with imprinted personal tagline or initials?). Pendant is for a gold rope chain as cherry is to a cake!! The lettered pendant, wild symbols, ancient sign pendants etc adds on the grandiose of gold rope chain.

A word of caution here is necessary. Be careful on the quality of gold offered. Gold dookie rope chains are obviously less expensive and are ideal if you just want to show-off. Many websites and auctions make the gold dookie rope chains less expensive. Gold dookie rope chains are affordable and easily available. Shopping online for dookie gold rope chains is easy as the options are pretty large. In different prices, in different sizes dookie gold rope chains entice its lovers. Add the rapper attitude or the hip-hop style to yourself with a thick dookie gold rope chain today!

What to Wear to a Staff Night Out

Can’t quite figure out what to wear to your upcoming staff night out? With Christmas just around the corner, most employers have come up with some idea of how to mark the end of the year and revel in the festive season. In most cases, it’s a party that starts with a meal and ends on the dancefloor, at a karaoke bar or a chip shop late at night…

With such a potentially jam-packed agenda, it’s important to choose your outfit well, for practical reasons such as comfort, warmth and stain potential.

Be sure to find out as much as you can about the plans and the dress code. You don’t want to risk showing up underdressed or overdressed, or wearing the same outfit as a colleague. Therefore communication is also a must. While this is easier said than done when it comes to big companies, at least make sure to coordinate outfits among those you work closest with.


If you’re not headed to an overly formal venue, but rather a smart casual affair, choose a pair of chinos in a subdued block colour like grey, khaki, clay or navy. Team these with a crisp, button front shirt in either a sheer colour or a classic pattern such as checks or polka dots. Accessorise with vintage pieces: a leather belt and brogues. Top off the smart casual look with either a cardigan or a smart blazer, depending on the venue.

Is a more formal shindig on the cards? In this case you may indeed have to opt for a suit, but why not jazz things up a bit by opting for a less conventional colour than black or grey? Navy, dark green and dark red can look really effective teamed with a simple shirt and leather shoes. Alternatively, if you feel that might be too much of a bold statement, choose trousers and a jacket in two different tones.


There is no “just wear a suit” option for women so you have to be a bit more creative with your outfits.

One of the most practical types of party dresses is the t-shirt dress. It’s a trendy and very comfortable piece that can simply be thrown over a pair of opaque tights or leggings and accessorised with heels or flats according to the venue and planned activities. For warmth, throw on a fitted blazer in a seasonal colour like dark red, dark green or deep blue. Choose a dress with detail like sequins, metallic thread or lace so you don’t have to go overboard with jewellery.

These days, it’s also perfectly acceptable to wear a pair of trousers. Ideally, black or magnolia are the way to go. Tight fitting or wide leg styles are both bang on trend. Team with simple tops in statement fabrics such as silk or velvet.

Face a Face eyewear at Vizio Optic

Vizio Optic understands the taste of younger as well as older generation and comes up every time with something that is liked by people not only because of looks and appearance but also for they make them feel complete. The eyewear-boutique has been serving people from many past years and has been consistently gaining reputation for bringing best of the sunglasses and eyeglass frames. The best thing about the products made in here is that, they are hand-crafted by adept designers and artists that are truly and deeply drenched in the art of eyewear deigning. There are available various big brands of eyewear in large variety for people with varying taste. The brands available here will make you choose from a large variety of designs and styles and each one of you will definitely get more than one that will suit your image and personality with perfection.

Vizio Optic brings greatest of the brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses for you that are not only best in looks and design but will also make you feel the ultimate comfort with perfect vision. You all must be aware of brand ‘Face a Face Eyewear’ that is one of the primary choices of people in current date. Visio Optic has many of stylish designs of eyeglasses and sunglasses in various colors that range from elegant to funky and freaky. Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent are from the most popular and reputed designers in the world and have been making Face a Face Eyewear consistently special in its own way. The designs are unique and beautiful and made in accordance with varying choices of people of different age groups.

Another one of high-end brands available in Vizio Optic is Lindberg Eyewear whose eyeglasses and sunglasses were originally designed by Poul Jorn and the brand has emerged as topmost one in various countries like Germany, USA, France, Japan, Denmark and many more. The rimless-glasses produced by Lindberg Eyewear are available in beautiful designs in Vizio Optic in various colors and designs that you can choose from. Nothing to say about quality, as this brand is extremely poplar and reputed since years and people have trusted them for their reliability with fascinating designs.

Lafont Eyewear that has been fascinating people of all age groups since 90 years can also be found in this eyewear boutique in a good number and versatile designs. Sunglasses and eyeglasses of Lafont Eyewear available here are of high end just like other brands, the styles and designs are varying in different ranges that people can choose from.

How it’s Made: T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies

Everyone loves to wear a T-shirt. People of all walks of life; celebrities or even heads of states;all wear a T-shirt, at some moment of their life; almost everyday!

People often think that T-shirt is like any other garment; like our normal shirts & jackets. No, it is not! It is very different. Technically woven garments and knitted T-shirts are as different as a Cow and a Goat.

The normal shirts & trousers we wear are woven, but T-shirt material is knitted. The yarn used for shirts are woven using weft & warp yarns, where as the yarn used for knitting T-shirts is ring spun hosiery; a different structure from the very beginning. The amoebic nature of the knitted T-shirt fabric makes it all the more difficult in manufacturing.

Two types of hosiery yarns are available. Combed and carded.This just means cleaned and un-cleaned. Combed yarn is much more expensive and will result in premium quality T-shirt. Premium quality T-shirt sellers make it a point to mention that their T-shirts are made of combed yarn. Most of these premium brands outsource their products from large factories in India or Bangladesh.

There are two types of knitting machines. Circular knitting and open width / flat knitting. The flat knitting is generally used for knitting woolen sweaters. T-shirt fabric is mostly knitted on Circular knitting machine. This is what makes it possible to have tubular T-shirts or without side seams. Tubular T-shirts or Polo shirts are no longer preferred, since it could lose shape after wash, unless knitted in the right gauge & weight, using good quality yarn. Maintaining the exact measurements also is an issue,of T-shirts with seamless sides. But the stretchy nature of knitted fabric gives nice fit,breathing comfort and warmth to your body.

Knitting Rib trims for the neck and cuffs is very similar machine, but with different head. Similarly for knitting pique for making Polo Shirts or Sweatshirt hoodies or Interlock material, are very similar machines. All these machines look alike very much, but with different heads to churn out fabric in different patterns.

Collar Knitting Machines are Flat Knitting Machines.

Knit fabric is thoroughly checked for defects and then sent for dyeing for color, or bleaching for white. Before dyeing color, the fabric is half bleached by good dyeing companies, which though expensive, will result in fabric with extra bright rich color & feel, and even depth. The new dyeing method using state of the art SOFT FLOW machines and AZO FREE reactive dyes, make T-shirts or Polo shirts look casually formal.

After dyeing or bleaching, when the fabric is dried, It undergoes a process called compacting. Under normal conditions, this is done at 95 C dry state in new advanced machines. This process not only controls shrinkage, but also gives dimensional stability to the knit fabric. It also decreases the abrasion resistance of the fabric with less tendency to pilling .

When the fabric is ready, every lot is sent to lab, where it undergoes several stringent tests for color fastness, shrinkage and other wash tests, under different modalities. After certified OK, the cut order is given and from now it gets more Interesting and challenging at the manufacturing stage.

Fabric is cut by machine and there are very advanced CAD assisted laser-cutting machines available now. Smaller quantities are cut by standard Lay cutting machine.

The different parts of a T-shirt or Polo shirt or Sweatshirt hoodie are stitched by three different machines. Over-lock machine, flat lock machine and Single needle machine.

Over-lock stitching, using an over-lock machines is for most seams. A 4-thread over-lock stitch gives additional strength to the seams. Bottom and sleeve hems can also be finished using an over-lock stitching, but using an expensive Flat lock machine, a two-needle cover stitch will give additional strength, stability and excellent finish to the garment. The single needle machine is used for placket & collar attachment of the Polo Shirts, taping from shoulder to shoulder, which will re-enforce the shoulder construction and also for attaching labels. At every stage of stitching, QCs check to make sure that high quality standards are maintained.

Once the garment is stitched, each piece is manually checked twice for any defects, and measurements. Then they are ironed; tags are attached and packed.

Basic Round Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt is still the most popular and largest sold single garment in the world. But V-Neck Tee Shirts are gaining momentum; especially among both young and mature generation. V-Neck T-shirt is one of the most popular styles that men and women wear these days. V-Necks also make great casual wear.

Depending on the season or mood, it could be a Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve. Long Sleeve T-shirts, Long Sleeve Polo Shirts or a Long Sleeve Henley T-shirt can add more elegance.

A few plain good quality classic-cut T-shirts and Polo shirts have become a ‘must have in wardrobe’ for every man and woman of modern day. It is the easiest way to give an instant boost to your personality; for virtually any body shape!!!

Different Grades of Replica Handbags

Grades of Replica Handbags.
A high quality replica is an exact imitation of the original authentic one. It looks much realer than the general counterfeit, even people cannot tell if it is a fake or not if without careful check. Due to its low price and practical usage, more and more people tend to buy a high quality replica instead of the original one. While, do you know how many different grades the replica have? Here I would share my knowledge based on my experience in the replica industry.

* Grade B/AB

It should be the poorest replica item. The only part that is similar to the original item is probably the logo. A Grade B/AB replica handbag features low price, and is mostly found on street markets, You can tell it is a counterfeit just by a casual glance. Materials used for a Grade B/AB replica handbag should be fabrics of lowest quality, accessories of lowest quality, hardware and handcraft of lowest quality as well.

* Grade A

It can be said that Grade A replicas are of medium quality, which are more elegant in texture and softer to the touch than Grade B/AB replicas. The leather used and the sewing techniques are just so-so, and the package is slightly more attractive than Grade B/AB replicas. The overall quality is all right, though won’t be worn out after some time’s usage, the leather won’t turn into the color of beeswax with time goes by like a genuine handbag does. Materials used for a Grade A replica handbag include: common fabrics, accessories using split leather, hardware of so-so quality and fair handcraft.

* Grade A+

Grade A+ replicas are also called Grade AA replicas, of better-than-average quality. The texture is fairly nice, so are the handcrafts and details. The entire handbag feels up-market. Materials used for a Grade A+ replica handbag include: solid fabrics, accessories using top layer leather whose color won’t change with time, hardware of common quality.

* Grade AAA

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or wet. They are sophisticatedly made: patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully, look almost like the original ones. Replica handbags of this grade are quite popular among the public because of their reasonable prices and good quality. Materials used include: top quality solid fabrics, accessories using imported leather and hardware.

* 1:1

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or when wet. The patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully since they are sophisticatedly made and look as if they are original ones. Every handbag of this grade is strictly made, making sure they look the same with the genuine handbag. The major difference from a 1:1 replica handbag is in the handcrafts, which is sophisticated still. Every detail has been paid special attention to and the execution is even nicer than the original handbag (because most of the original ones are handmade, and replicas are done by machines, so there is no wonder). Due to the complicated craftwork required, replicas of this grade are not mass-produced, and thus their price is comparatively high. But I suggest you buy these replicas rather than the original. You see, it features so delicate craftmanship just like the authentic, even an expert in handbags can tell them apart. But 1:1 Items are very scarcity, people only can find it in some secret shop or online retailers, such as

The highest level of replica handbags enjoys the advantages of reasonable price, elegant in texture, exquisite workmanship and high cost performance, and thus is the best choice for those who can’t afford the genuine but long for genuine quality.